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I had the privilege of working with some great musicians on this music. Specifically:

Mark Jordan - Mark and I go back to 1965, he was an original member of the Edison Electric Band. 55 years later he is still tickling the ivoriies.

Rick Shlosser - Rick is one of the top
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Sparrow and the Hawk
A sparrow and a hawk sittin on the power line
Just hangin out on a summer day
The hawk put on his cowboy hat and looked down in pity
And said with a sneer of complete distain
`Don't forget who's the boss and you gonna be all right
Just keep your nose clean and don't drive in the passing lane'
The sparrow started twitchin and he pulled up his socks
He said `I know you the boss, so do your worst
I may not be a big man but I still know how to rock
And don't forget - you gotta catch me first.'

You got the world you got the power
You got the big stick
I got nothing and there's a million like me
But I'm gonna get my kicks

Sparrow went to the pawnshop and got himself a gun
He acted out of fear and self-defense
Down in the neighborhood he rounded up a crew
Cause a thousand little birds can make a real big mess
He called his boys together and said `we got a job to do
There's a hawk downtown with big ideas we gotta put to rest
Back at the power line the hawk was all alone
Looking in the mirror and talking on his cell phone
He looked up as the sky went dark - the sparrows blotted out the sun
He hung up on his favorite chick and he began to run

You got the numbers you got the power
You got the big stick
I may be on the run but I'll be back
And I'm gonna get my kicks

The sparrows had the power line all to themselves
They made the most it while they had the chance
They brought the chicks out for a picnic
And they brought out the band for a slam dance
The hawk went to the boardroom and he called up the chief
He said `there's 1000 sparrows on the power line
Call out the army, call out the police
I only want to get what's mine'
The chief got on the horn and he called in the reserves
He said `those little birds have gone too far this time'

They got the numbers they got the power
They got the big stick
We're going in, we gonna kick some ass
And we're gonna get our kicks

The hawk brigade and the sparrow crew fought all day
Feathers filled the gutter as the sun went down
The winners and the losers they all look just the same
The power lines were broken and darkness took the town
The sparrow and the hawk went back to the trees
Just like nothing happened they sang the same old song
The morning news came and went like a summer breeze
Nobody noticed that the power lines were gone
The sparrow and the hawk never speak of history
It ain't wrong to fight to be free

You got the freedom you got the power
You got the big stick
Don't take no for an answer
Go on and get your kicks
If you got the love you got the power
You got the big stick
Don't take no for an answer
Go on and get your kicks

Short Song Description:
This is a symbolic piece about the cycles and syndromes of war and power as acted out by a bunch of birds.
Story Behind the Song:
This was inspired by the bloodthirsty mood in the USA following 9/11. It doesn't matter who wins in the short term because in the long term everybody loses.
Lyric Credits: Joshua Rice
Music Credits: Joshua Rice
Producer Credits: Joshua Rice
Publisher Credits: Joshua Rice
Performance Credits: Joshua Rice
Label Credits: Joshua Rice
Song Length: 5:25
Primary Genre: Rock-Alternative
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo / Feel: Medium Fast (131 - 150)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Earth
Mood 1: Troubled
Similar Artist 1: Bob Dylan
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later
  Shadow Dance