Josh Rice is an old dog but he still has a nasty bite. Since fronting the Edison Electric Band and the Magic Mushrooms in the 1960s Josh has continued his search of the perfect groove. He is now firmly planted in his Vancouver home studio, still making music that he hopes will improve someone's day.

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Oct 16 2005

I had the privilege of working with some great musicians on this music. Specifically:

Mark Jordan - Mark and I go back to 1965, he was an original member of the Edison Electric Band. 55 years later he is still tickling the ivoriies.

Rick Shlosser - Rick is one of the top LA drummers of the last 50 years, his credits include Etta James, Link Wray and Van Morrison among many others.

Ken Basman - Ken had a sweet little studio in San Miguel d'Allende and played the guitar on Workin Too Hard. Unfortunately he is no longer with us.

Danny Beltran - Danny played bass on the Mexico recordings.

Josh Harris - My cousin Josh was the musical director for Whitney Houston. He played the sax on Yucatan.

Dinosaurs Rule - We have witnessed huge changes in our lives, probably the most in human history. The path from the first TV to the current technology nightmare has been fascinating, and the future is so bright I gotta wear shades. We may not be able to type with our thumbs but we can still rock and roll. Attitude is the one thing we can always hang on to. Drums: Rick - Keyboards: Mark -

Let the People Be - Racism has been a huge part of our lives. I took a bus from NYC to Miami when I was 11 (1958) and the bus stations in the South were all segregated. The shock and horror of seeing that is still with me and was a big factor in my decision to leave the US in 1970. All I can do is sing my little song. Drums: Rick - Keyboards: Mark - Bass: Danny

Easy Street - Dealing pot in the 60's gave us low-risk access to spending money. Many of us dabbled and a few of us got serious. I dared to dream about building a sailboat and sailing around the world. It almost worked, the 70's in Amsterdam were amazing, but eventually I went to jail and ended up on welfare. Drums: Rick - Keyboards and Bass: Mark

Stay On the Rock - The giants of Reggae (Toots, Marley, Tosh, etc) were an inspiration. They asked us not to give up the fight at a time when hippies were becoming yuppies at a catastrophic rate. Their spiritual leadership was one of the few bright spots of the 70's and still shows us that the human monkey might be worth saving. Drums: Rick - Keyboards: Mark - Bass: Danny

Don't Tempt Me - Baby Boomers had to manage a huge increase in temptation. Not only did we have drugs and easy money, the traditional methods of discipline (church and family) broke down. i think it is safe to say that we ran amok for a while. This is my story of the life-long battle against temptation. Drums: Rick - Keyboards: Mark - Bass: Danny

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